Certified in Logistics, Transportation, and Distribution


helps with tactical planning of logistics and distribution

Certified in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution (CLTD)

The CLTD program provides a comprehensive body of knowledge that covers a broad range of topics within logistics, distribution and transportation. CLTD proves you are committed to your profession and have mastered the CLTD body of knowledge.

As an APICS CLTD designee, you will have the skills and knowledge it takes to get noticed by employers and stand out from your peers. Earning the APICS CLTD credential will demonstrate your commitment to advancing both your career and your company’s operations.

Who is this course intended for?

The APICS CLTD is designed for logistics, transportation and distribution professionals, focusing on end-to-end supply chain across all industries, especially:

Logistics Managers

Warehouse Operations Managers

Operations Managers

Vendor Inventory Manager

Supply Chain Managers

Distribution Managers

Logistics Planner/Specialist

Traffic Managers

Transportation/Fleet Managers

Reverse Logistics Managers

Inventory Manager

Traffic Analyst

Why Study CLTD

  • Master the essential knowledge required for the logistics, transportation and distribution industry
  • Expand your scope in the logistics field and be able to bring new ideas to your current organization
  • Remain present with global logistics trends and developments
  • Become recognised in the industry as a logistics expert

CLTD program content

The CLTD covers a broad range of topics to equip professionals with the skills and tools necessary to effectively manage supply chain operations and processes in logistics, transport management and distribution.

You will explore the fundamental differences in the Logistics Strategy and the company strategy. Then how to build key indicators and how to benchmark process performance.

You will explore how to design warehouse network and transport routes that meet the transport and distributional requirements of the organisation, to curate deliveries that are efficient in nature.

We help you learn how and why you should approach the issues of reverse logistics, how to plan resources and manage reverse logistics.

Explore mastery in the procurement and delivery of goods and services through capacity planning, forecasting, scheduling and demand management with both suppliers and customers.

You will learn how to plan, design and create processes to handle orders and implement a successful CRM, and how to manage customer demand.

You will learn how to plan, design and create processes to handle orders and implement a successful CRM, and how to manage customer demand.

We will teach you the various Warehouse Management strategies and tactics, processes and design principles to effectively handle and manage your warehouse network.

You will explore how to analyse and manage the entire transportation process effectively. Then covering the process of selecting a transport mode between speed, availability, capability, frequency and cost.

We will guide you through the practical theory of operations in international trade, including business conditions and international trade agreements.

Study Options


Self-Study/Distance Learning

Study in your own time and when ready engage NZPICS to arrange for the exam.


A minimum of 4 students must register for Tutored Overview Sessions to proceed.


Customisable time-frame. Full-days and half-day as per your convenience. Please contact NZPICS to discuss options. Workaround your schedule.

Course dates


11/06/2020 – 16/07/2020

15/08/2020 – 12/09/2020

08/08/2020 – 13/09/2020

Dates are approximate and may vary by a week or two.

Instructor led class subject to demand

Course Pricing


Includes work books, online tools and Exam

NZPICS Members               Non-Members

$2,395                                   $2,595



NZPICS Members               Non-Members

$1,000                                  $1,200

*Course fees excludes memberships, additional fees depending on your requirements may apply.
NZPICS Reserves the right to cancel Courses if minimums are not met.
*Prices quoted above are subject to change. All prices are GST exclusive.

All options include CLTD workbooks, online tools and the exam.

N.b. We recommend you complete your exam within one year of enrolment.

Exam Info


The CLTD exam comprises of one exam of 3.5 hours and consists of 150 multiple-choice questions.

Exams are undertaken at an authorised Pearson Vue testing centre.